A day in the life of Harriet

Harriet came to live at Cavendish Care in September 2006 when her full time education had finished.

My name is Harriet and I am a very able and organised young woman.

When I wake up in the morning I enjoy opening up my window blinds to enjoy the unique and lovely countryside views.

My next door neighbours are horses and squirrels and I love to watch and count them!

I enjoy bringing my soft toys from my bedroom to my lounge.

I have two soft dolphins, one soft monster, one soft cow and last but not least a very big soft dog. I love to cuddle my toys and sing to them.

I enjoy breakfast in my conservatory as I like to eat and look out onto my lovely garden. It relaxes me to watch nature!

After breakfast I make sure my kitchen is tidy and spotless before getting dressed for the day.

No matter what time of year, I like to talk to my support worker about what I am getting for Christmas and my birthday!

On Wednesday, I go to Salfords disco where I meet my friends, have a drink and enjoy the music. I then go trampolining in Reigate. I really enjoy both activities.

When I get back home I sort out my washing, clean my home and watch TV programs. I like to have a cup of tea and will always ask staff if they want one as well.

I help my support worker to prepare dinner, however I prefer eating alone.

I make sure that my kitchen is clean and tidy before going to relax for the evening.

I like to sit with my support worker and watch TV until I feel sleepy.


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