A day in the life of Guy

Guy moved to Cavendish Care in 2002 after leaving Linden Bridge School in Worcester Park. This is his typical day.

My Friday starts when I get up early in the morning and prepare my breakfast.

After breakfast, I like sorting out my laundry before I prepare my lunch for work.

If the washing finishes while I am still at home, I will put them in the tumble dryer to dry and those that staff have encouraged me not to tumble dry, I will leave on the airer.

Staff will help me put them aside when they are dry if I have left for work and when I come back from work I will take them to my room.

At 12.30 I will go and catch the bus to Crawley, where I volunteer at the British Heart Foundation.

I enjoy working there, meeting and helping customers put their goods in their cars, cleaning furniture and also help with unloading deliveries.

I finish work at 4pm and get a bus back home.

When I get back to Poplars I will relax before completing my laundry task.

I like preparing my dinner on my own, but I will ask for help if I find the recipe is too difficult.

After eating my dinner, I will relax in the house either watching television with my housemates, chatting to staff or spending some alone time on my tablet.

Before I go to bed, I will write my day log where I record all I have done for the day and staff will help me count the money I have spent that day.


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