A day in the life of Catriona

Catriona moved to Cavendish Care in 2016 from college in Yeovil. She lives at Limes Avenue and spends the weekends with her family in Dorking. This is her typical day.

On Thursdays I have a busy day, so I make the most of my time in bed, I have a cup of tea and watch some early morning programs in bed.

My support worker helps me to take my medication at 8.30am.

I need prompts with my personal care, my support staff help me to dry my hair and to choose an outfit that suitable for the weather.

We get into town in our mini bus or by public transport depending on the weather.

I do like getting the bus but prefer using the minibus when its raining and cold.

I go into town to buy my personal shopping.

I have prepared my money before leaving the house.

We also write a list together so once in town I can be reminded of things I need to buy.

When we return home I prepare my own lunch with some help from our staff team.

They help me with the bits I find tricky like peeling the eggs and making sure the pan isn’t too hot for me to touch.

We all sit together to eat our lunch. This is my favourite part about lunchtime as I get to chat 1-1 with my support.

Each day I like to take part in different activities. Sometimes I go to the activity centre to learn new skills such a first aid, cooking, yoga and arts and crafts.

I walk with my house mates and support staff if the weather is good. I love going to the activity centre, not only because I learn new things but because I get to see my friends who live in other houses and we can have a chat and cup of tea at the break time.

After doing an activity we head back to Limes Avenue where I help the staff with setting the table for dinner time.

After dinner I enjoy spending time with my housemates, watching TV and having a chat about what we have done for the day.


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