A day in the life of Axel

Axel moved to Cavendish House in October 2016 from his family home. He spends time with his family every week.

I like a tidy room so start every day by making my bed. I love my tube map duvet cover, flags and all things British, particularly the England football team.

I like having Coco Pops for breakfast and have a chat with my Support Worker while I eat. We talk about my plans for the day together and I decide what I want to do.

With a busy day ahead, as it’s a lovely sunny day I do the short walk with my Support Worker into Redhill town centre.

To be healthier, I visit the local gym a couple of times a week. I use the treadmill and exercise bike for an hour then take a shower before heading home.

My housemates and I are going to make some muffins for tea so I stop off at Sainsbury’s to buy the ingredients. My Support Worker helps me pay at the checkout.

I have a tasty cheese sandwich and an apple for lunch. We’re off to the Activity Centre this afternoon.

At the Activity Centre I saw my friends and had a chat. During a craft lesson we learned about Remembrance Day and made poppies to wear and a little poster to take home.

Back at Cavendish House we make chocolate chip muffins for afternoon tea. My support worker helps me with the measurements and the cooking time – they were delicious.


A day in the life of Harriet

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