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1st September 2020

We are very proud to tell you about one of our activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We supported the clients to make  rainbow bracelets for the front line workers.We wanted to show our appreciation for all the front line workers and their devotional hard work, and this time we focused our attention on to the ambulance staff  like paramedics, care assistants, medical technicians etc.

We went to buy some cards, sweets, crisps and drinks… then we put together our gift bags which we called ‘rescue gifts’ the clients where very excited. We also added to our “rescue gift”, 20 Face Shields which we hand made. As we thought they would be very useful. After writing some lovely thoughts in to the cards we “hit the road” to East Surrey Hospital.  Enormously proud of what we managed to achieve, very curious about staff reactions to our gifts.

It was a hot day, we saw some ambulance cars outside on duty, and staff ready to go, ready to rescue and ready to save lives. We did approach them with social distancing in mind with gratitude and respect, sharing our thoughts of admiration, courage, and support to them. We told them who we are and where we came from and how immensely proud, we are to be part of such a caring, kind, friendly company.  Your second home and our second big family I’d like to say, we all belong to, lovely Cavendish Care. Lucky for us we were able to see real heroes and gave them our rescue gift in the hopes that it would give them some smiles in this difficult time. Andrew was so incredibly happy and excited, especially because he adores Hospitals and medical staff.

It was the perfect opportunity for Andrew to show his interest and admiration to the medical staff. It was an intense experience that he will never forget, and hopefully will carry on. Justin and Sandra as you all see, they were the “the cherries on top of the cake”, Happy, chatty and caring with all the ambulance staff. They also show their respect and they were honored they were part of delivering Cavendish Care ‘’ Thank you!’’ message to NHS East Surrey Hospital.

Martin (paramedic): “It is very thoughtful, specially coming from people with learning disabilities, I can not be more impressed by your wonderful way of showing us you care….”

Laura (paramedic): “Thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me… I am very emotional now, by your message to us! Thank you for appreciating our work and devotion!”

Author: Petronela Cerbu and the Briar House Team




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