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A Tale of Success!

24th August 2020

The idea of starting a vegetable patch started 3 years ago by the team and the Manager. We have enjoyed huge success with it over the years, but this year is by far the best.
This year due to the Covid 19 lock down, we decided to do this patch again. Our idea was to get all the clients involved. Helping them to develop skills in the garden and empower them.

The idea was a long-term project. We started with them from seeds, the idea was to provide activity, enable and empower the clients. In effect reduced boredom as there is always something to do in the garden, and by having this project reducing some of the challenges we face from time to time. This project really helped reduce the additional stress experienced by the pandemic which is out of the control of the team and the clients. Our fight back against the lock down. And so we began…………………We planted the seedlings and some baby plants.

It was looking a bit washed out to begin with, so we decided to brighten it up. We asked the clients to choose colours for the fence and the patch. They choose PURPLE and GREEN can you believe it; of all the colours they could have chosen they chose the Cavendish colours how amazing is that!? So, we began to paint it was a messy job but loads of fun was had by clients and staff. And then we watered our patch, nurtured it and it grew.

The success of this project has been down to the hard work of the team and the clients being motivated. We have all taken pride in producing our own fully organic produce that we cannot wait to eat. Our first green bean, when we first saw our first green bean not only did our staff team get excited our clients also jumped for joy as our hard efforts paid off.

With the vegetables which we harvested we were able to create a healthy nutritional meal for everyone using our organic produce.

Author: Kofi Takyi, Briar House


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