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Easter Bonnet Competition

14th April 2020

In the run up to the Easter weekend we held an Easter bonnet competition and many of our tenants and clients took part. Here are photos of all the entries and congratulations to our winners:

1st Prize goes to CC who wins a £30.00 Amazon gift voucher – congratulations!

2nd Prize goes to AC who wins a £20.00 Amazon gift voucher – great work!

We simply could not choose one third place, therefore joint 3rd places go to JM and GS who both win a £10.00 Amazon gift voucher each – brilliant hats!

As we know there always has to be a winner, but there are no losers at Cavendish Care, therefore all entrants will receive a small chocolate confectionery which will be delivered to the doorsteps of the clients/tenants over the weekend.

Author: Senior Management Team



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