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Dentist Success!

9th January 2020

All staff who know GC will know that he has a history of anxieties about seeing the dentist and the staff team at Chippings have worked consistently with him to try and enable him to experience a more relaxed visit to the dentist. This has been done by GC having his own dental mirror which staff use with him during oral health care and positive communication. He also has a rubber tooth block that he’ll put into his mouth to help enable good oral health. This has made great improvements to GC’s dental visits and when he was supported by staff today with his dental check-up, he showed no anxieties, he said hello to all the dental staff, took a magazine and sat down to look through it. When his name was called he went into the examination room, said hello to everyone and then sat in the chair, allowing the dentist to look in his mouth using a mirror and he appeared very relaxed. The dentist explained that it was the best he has ever seen with GC’s teeth and gums and he congratulated him, GC responded “your welcome” while smiling.

Author: Terry Watts, Chippings House

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