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Cooking Goal Achieved

11th November 2019

Today NS reached another one of her goals at the ARC. She came to the ARC to try a cooking class for the first time and it was decided to start her off by letting her watch staff chopping the vegetables up. This then progressed onto handling the food and placing it into the bowls and saucepans.
Today I witnessed an amazing step forward, NS stirred the food whilst it was cooking in the pan. This was fantastic to see.
Well done NS 😊     Author: Laura Russell, ARC Assistant Manager

Hi Team, I am so delighted. What a treat to see this picture. Well done to all involved, and especially NS.

Sue Stopa – Area Manager, Residential, Training, Specialists and ARC

Fantastic achievement – exactly what CC are trying to represent, progression and enjoyment at the same time – well done to all involved.

Mandy Bodman – Area Manager, Supported Living

Hi NS, Your cooking looks delicious and I hope you enjoy eating it. I wish I had such a delicious tea tonight. Well done!

Beverley Winchester – Company Director


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