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25th February 2019

DM and RS have been thoroughly enjoying their pampering sessions at the ARC – the foot bath seems to be a real favourite of theirs. This is something quite new for the boys and they’ve taken to this very well.

AB continues to improve on his fitness by attending the gym on a regular basis, well done AB! He also enjoys attending local events, in and around the area. He recently attended his first event of 2019, a fair for local businesses at the Belfry shopping centre in Redhill.

DM also has a new iPad which he has enjoyed learning some new skills on over the last couple of weeks, we think this will be something he enjoys using more often as time goes on.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with RS to get him more involved in his cooking classes at the ARC – he can now safely prepare food with a little help from the team.

Author: Ruzziella Tamargo, Cavendish House Manager



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