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Cavendish House – Success Story

14th May 2018

Cavendish House have celebrated a great achievement this month. JR’s complex needs and challenging behaviour have hindered him in the past, from accessing public transport. With lots of hard work from the Cavendish house team we have gradually introduced JR to access the community via the company vehicle. Over time, JR has begun to relax and enjoy his activities and environment so the team decided it was time to take a step further and try public transport. At the end of April 2018 JR was scheduled for an appointment to renew his passport in London Victoria. This was a great opportunity for us to move forward with our goal. On the morning of the trip we were slightly apprehensive however JR was very calm and once on the train he was amazed by the different buildings and places that we passed. Once at Victoria JR was quite impressed by the sights and sounds of London. It was a very successful day and we’re looking forward to JR enjoying more trips on public transport.

Ruzziella Tamargo – Cavendish House Manager


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