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Our Future is Bright!

3rd April 2018

As we approach the financial year end, management teams across the country get together to assess the productivity of their businesses through the year and plan for the future. Sometimes this means the creation of new jobs and sometimes it means a reduction in what can be offered. This depends very much on the success of the business.

At Cavendish Care we recognise that our continual success comes from having a skilled, dedicated and a committed workforce. We know that our people are our strength and our competitive advantage, and so we looked at ways in which we could thank our teams for all their hard work.

In our end of year assessment we looked at ways in which as a senior management team, we could be actively involved and effectively communicate what we see as our strengths and our future plans to our people. Having taken into account the feedback received from our annual quality assurance, we decided that the best way to do this was by being present!

We held “Future of Cavendish “ meetings with all our people, which was a resounding success. Not only was it well attended, it gave us all such a wonderful sense of togetherness and purpose. We used this opportunity to introduce and communicate our core values which served as a reminder to everyone in attendance of what they have been capable of all along.

Our people are always:
Kind, Professional, Trustworthy and Friendly

In addition to the success of our meetings and in recognition of all the hard work and dedication of our people, we are also very pleased to announce that we will be increasing our hourly rate to £9 per hour to reflect our appreciation and ongoing success.

The Senior Management Team

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