Person Centred Active Support

Main goals

About the course

Cavendish Specialist

Maximum attendance
15 learners

Course content

1. Staff to enable participation, inclusion and choice for people with intellectual disabilities

2. Values from guidance and legislation into action

3. Essentials of active support –

  • Every moment has potential
  • Little and often
  • Graded assistance to ensure success
  • Maximising choice and control

4. Organisation and improving practice –

  • Increasing the predictability and consistency of activities
  • Making the flow of activities seamless
  • Helping each other improve the quality of support

Course objectives
Through Person Centred Active, support staff learn put guidance and legislation (White Paper, Valuing People 2001) to enable people with intellectual disabilities participate, be included and make choices. The course underlines the importance of meaningful engagement in everyday activities.

Jane Turtle

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Jane Turtle

Behavioural Specialist

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