NAPPI – Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention

Main goals

About the course

Accredited training course and trainer through NAPPI UK.

Maximum attendance
12 learners

Course content
The aim of NAPPI is to focus on the Assessment, Prevention and Management of confused, unpredictable, and aggressive clients.

Participants are encouraged to raise work related questions so that the training can be directly related to their area of experience. NAPPI teaches the SMART Principles and how to apply them to a wide variety of situations.

The course starts with an assessment of the potential for problem behaviour and dangerous situations. It demonstrates how attitude plays an important part in the delivery of quality care.

The course looks at ways of preventing possible problem behaviour by use of specific NAPPI skills. Participants learn how to listen to a client in a more effective manner, gathering the information necessary to select the correct course of action. In order to test the level of co-operation that can be predicted from a client, participants learn the important technique of Generating Co-operation.

Physical skills ensure staff are able to contain most out-of-control behaviour in a safe, fast, effective and supportive manner. Common difficult behaviour that is faced, can be managed by following the SMART Principles, enabling staff to remain calm, supportive and professional, while utilising highly effective yet non-abusive skills.

Course objective
All learners will have a good understanding of psychological and physical intervention techniques, guiding and self-protection techniques. Understanding and ability will be assessed throughout the course by verbal feedback and physical skills.

Diane Watts

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Diane Watts

Health and Safety Co-ordinator

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