Medication Training

Main goals

About the course

Cavendish Specialist (Lloyds Pharmacy Care Services Training Programme)

Maximum attendance
8 learners

Course content
• Legal aspects and standards
• Managing, obtaining & dealing with medicines entering the home
• Safe storage of medicines
• Auditing of medicines
• Confidentiality
• Classifications of medicines
• Homely remedies
• Routes of administrations
• Reporting of adverse drug reactions
• Self-medication
• Obtaining consent to administer medicines
• MAR Sheets (medicines administration record)
• Following instructions on labels
• Refusal of medicines
• Disposal of medicines

Course objective
To provide staff with the knowledge and confidence to record, obtain, store, administer and dispose of medications safely.

The course conforms with guidance issued by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society relating to the training necessary for care workers to administer medicines safely. The course consists of three units. Each unit has 10 multiple choice questions. By answering these questions it demonstrates understanding of the procedures covered in each training pack.

Denise Robinson

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Denise Robinson

Healthcare Co-ordinator

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