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The purpose of this training course is to provide staff with a basic overview of Autism, the difficulties and challenges associated with the condition and how it can affect an individual on a day to day basis

Communication/Person Centred Active Support

This course encourages staff to explore communication difficulties people with intellectual disabilities may encounter. The course introduces communication systems and how to implement them.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

At the end of this course staff will know what action to take if they suspect a service users liberty is at risk.

Dignity in Care

Staff will have a good understanding what is meant by the word “Dignity” and the importance of treating each person as an individual.

Emergency First Aid at Work

To provide skills and knowledge to workplace first aiders, and to enable delivery of safe and effective first aid to persons who become ill or injured whilst at work.

Equality and Diversity

Staff will be enabled to explore their own values and beliefs and understand how they can impact on their work practice.

Health and Safety

Basic health and safety at work.

Medication Training

To provide staff with the knowledge and confidence to record, obtain, store, administer and dispose of medications safely.

Mental Capacity Act

This course provides a basic introduction to the MCA and guidance for staff who may be required to assist people in day-to-day decision making.

Safeguarding of Adults At Risk

To enable those with responsibility for responding to safeguarding concerns within their organisation to be able to do so confidently and effectively.


The purpose of this training course is to introduce staff to the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® framework; for them to recognise that all challenging behaviour happens for a reason and that by understanding the reason we can often reduce the frequency of the behaviour.

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