Kumi’s Independent Living Achievements

by Cavendish Care 20th November 2017

Staff have worked consistently with Kumi to promote his independent living skills. Kumi has achieved a lot within the last year as detailed below:
Kumi had guidelines in place to help him recognise coins and notes to enable him to count his personal money. Over time with staff support and encouragement Kumi now gets the calculator, adds all his money up and is able to work out what the total is and whether this matches with his written money sheet.
An opportunity came up for Kumi to move to a bedroom upstairs (previously downstairs), so work was put in place such as social stories and all was explained to Kumi before to see if he agreed. Kumi chose to move upstairs and chose all the fixtures and fittings to dress his room to how he would like it, this included the colour of the carpet, the blind, chest of drawers, new sink/cabinet and a built-in wardrobe. Kumi also has a new chair and a TV/DVD which he seems to love. Kumi participated in the choosing and purchasing of all items and he has recently started to hang all of his clothing in his wardrobe with no anxieties shown.
Staff put in place now and next strips for Kumi’s day to day plans to minimise anxieties as Kumi will accept change if it is written down in advance. They also help him to know where he is going and what he will be doing.
Due to Kumi’s autism it was ritualistic where he purchased his clothing, but with work with his now and next strips and Kumi being shown on the internet he now likes different shops.
Overall Kumi has become a very independent and happy young man and is now more involved with how he lives his daily life.